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Dr John McIntosh is an author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, medical doctor and educator.  John has built multi-million dollar businesses in Australia and abroad using the philosophies and business principles that he shares in his books.  His innovative thinking has empowered him to deliver medical services, set up health systems, and provide community education that combines traditional and complementary techniques for the best outcomes. With his innovative approach using his medical skills to improve both staff productivity and wellbeing and the workplace culture, John has raised the standards of business management and is a recognised leader in his field.


Dr John and his wife Elizabeth live in Queensland, Australia and are both motivational speakers. They write regular news columns, serve as television and radio presenters, run seminars and retreats on self-development, business, health and wellbeing and are the co-authors of ‘CEO Principles' and 'Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs)'. Together, they have produced a series of audio programs on health, relaxation and success, as well as a television documentary series.  Across many continents, John has also performed regular medical aid work being the team leader of expeditions to many remote islands as well as working selflessly locally and internationally in humanitarian roles.


After years of dealing with the consequences of negative thinking in their clinical practices, John and Elizabeth have worked hard to crystalize their Positivity Principle concepts and created the TUFMINDS Life Rescue App and Programs. Their work has inspired them to create easy-to-use tools that effectively identify and eliminate Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NIT) in the workplace. The result is a supportive, productive, and mentally resilient staff. In their spare time, they enjoy sailing. John has competed in various sailing competitions on an international level.  They have both travelled and worked throughout Australia, France, South Africa, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and various South Pacific islands.

Dr John McIntosh is the founder of the GP Superclinic Group which was successfully sold in 2020. He is the Co-Author of ‘CEO Principles' and 'Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs)' and the Co-creator of TUFMINDS Life Rescue - Mental Resilience and Suicide Intervention Program.

Locations: Mackay, Australia

Industry: Health & Wellness

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